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Each fall, WGRC hosts its signature "Retail 101 Day" event -- a mini-conference for 1Y MBAs interested in learning more about career opportunities in the retail industry. 


In order to provide a broad array of perspectives, Retail 101 Day includes several programming components, such as: 


  • Presentations from MBA Career Management

  • Panels of recent Wharton alumni in retail

  • Small-group chats with retailer representatives

  • Keynotes from a variety of senior industry executives. 


Past panelists and speakers at Retail 101 Day include:


  • Michelle Kelly: President, Lilly Pulitzer

  • Kathy Hines: VP of Marketing, Kipling

  • Kimberly Rothwell: Director, Anthropologie

  • Alexa Driansky: Retail Consultant, Alix Partners

  • Dorie Gulkin & Emelyn Northway: Founders, Of Mercer

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